10 Tips to get better on the new Winter Express Mode in Apex Legends

December 1, 2020

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The latest Apex Legends holiday event has arrived with a limited edition game mode coming in place. The new limited-time mode is called winter express and will be coming on December 1st 2020, lasting until January 2021.

In case you missed the reveal trailer you can watch it here:

Since the new Limited Time game mode has released we have done our research on how to dominate the new game mode. With our 10 tips listed below, you will be able to get the advantage in the new game mode.

What is the new limited time game mode – winter express? 

The new game mode words in matches. You have three teams with three players in them (3v3). Those teams have to face off against each other on the train, to capture said train.


You can capture the train in two different ways. The first way to capture the train is by filling our the capture bar without being contested by the opposing enemy teams. Alternatively, you can be the last team alive at the end of the game. The match will end when one of the teams can capture the train in a total of three times.


This game mode is going to be different from the usual Apex Legends game modes with some slight twists involved.

1. The first difference is that players spawn in with a pre-determined loadout of weapons and items, that will vary per a Legend. These loadouts will be changed daily.             

2. Unlike the previous year’s event, respawning will now be enabled, meaning if a player dies they can join back.


3. You can only explore the area of the train, meaning you can never stray too far from the fighting.

So now you know what the game mode is about, what are the tips we have to help you?

Our top 10 tips to get better at Apex Legends Winter Express 


1. Research the loadouts well before you play

As mentioned above every Legend will be given their loadout, therefore, you may want to research these before picking your Legend. Unlike normal gameplay, you will very much be picking the Legend’s loadout rather than the Legend itself. So making sure you check them all will give you the best combination of weapons and items before you launch into the game.

This game mode focusses very much on loadout rather than Legends.


2. Share attachments amongst the team

This isn’t a 1v1 game mode, it’s 3v3. Therefore, this game mode allows you to drop items for your teammates. That also includes the attachments themselves.


With this knowledge, you will be able to swap your attachments with your teammates to get the ultimate weapon. An example could be an R-99 that comes with an extended light mag but your teammate might prefer this on their R-301.

3. Lifeline can use her ultimate


One of the most game-changing Legends of the Winter Express game mode is Lifeline. You can use her ultimate ability in the game mode to drop better gear. This means the chances of being able to get purple armour is high.


4. Endless Healing

It is unknown if this is intentional or a glitch in the matrix. However, at this time you can heal an unlimited amount of times, even if your inventory shows one syringe and one shield cell.


This will give you a huge advantage of those who are unaware you can heal an unlimited amount of times.

5. You can land almost anywhere

When you think of Winter Express you think of the train itself. It may seem like common knowledge but you can land away from the train rather than directly on it. This means you can land with high ground of somewhere with more cover, meaning you can pick off enemies a lot easier.


However, the caviar is that you must remember there are 3 teams in this game mode therefore you must make sure the other team isn’t taking the objective.

    6. Stopping Teams from capturing

    Although this is one of the main objectives to do, it’s an easy thing to forget. Although the above method can give you the advantage you mustn’t move too far from the train itself. The reason for this is that the other two teams could gain control of the train which will give them the point. Therefore you must get close enough to jump down and contest the capture before losing the round.

    7. Move away from the train

    As well as the above tip, you may also want to move away from the train if you win around. This is a good idea because once you win the round, the other players will jump straight into the train to go for the objective.


    Our best advice is to have each round as a new round. Aim for the high ground which will help you remain in the lead.


    8. Move to the front of the train

    This is an uncommon tactic but could come in useful to get the advantage. Most players will aim for the centre of the train or either two sides but never the front.


    Therefore a good strategy is to land at the front of the train and move in towards the centre. This will let you take the enemies from behind giving you the advantage.

    9. Aim for a draw

    If you are struggling to get the win and you find that you’re getting nowhere then it’s worth just focussing on the other two teams, to stop them getting the win.

    It doesn’t matter if you draw 1 or 2 rounds, as long as you eventually get the win. Sometimes it’s best to play safe and then you can take the lead by the slow game.


    10. Learn the jump pads.


    This game mode has put a lot of Jump pads down around the map. This was done to help you get to the train quicker however, you can use these pads for fighting, rather than movement. The jump pads can be good for giving you the fighting advantage, whether it’s by giving you the high ground or getting you certain positions around the map.


    If you use the jump pads you can also use a shield cell, which is the perfect amount of time to get a quick heal in.


    Those are our 10 tips on how to improve at the Winter Express game mode. You can also watch the video below which covers some of these points:

    Alternatively, if you need a video help you can click on this channel below which will go through an explain the problem for you:

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