12 of the best suspense movies on Netflix to put you on edge

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Given how stress-inducing the real world can be at the best of times, movies that rely on tension as a driving force might seem like an odd entertainment choice to some.

But who are we to judge? Perhaps spending 90+ minutes sweating and wincing in front of the TV screen is actually a cathartic way to let off some steam. At the very least, a suspense movie is always a great way to get the ol’ heart rate up.

But what actually is a suspense movie? How is it different from a thriller? Well, both will get your pulse racing, but we’d argue that suspense films also come with a little bit of dread thrown in for good measure. Movies like this sit somewhere at the intersection of thriller, horror, and mystery, filling you up like an uncomfortably long-held breath.

  • Source: Mashable
  • February 26, 2022
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