What is ping in gaming?

December 24, 2020

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A lot of people have asked this question before and I know I did. The gaming community has become a large, growing business with 2.7 Billion gamers in just 2020.


As the industry grows, so do the questions, and one thing which is included in all games is Ping. You can find Ping in shooting games, MMO’s, RPG’s and much more but what is ping in gaming?

How does ping work? 

To begin with we need to truly understand exactly what Ping is. A quick summary would be to say it’s your internet connection and the strength in which it has to the Game Server. If you’re interested though this is what ping is exactly. Ping is a network assistant tool which shows you the signal sent out from the Network to a Computer. It works by sending a signal from one device to another which is usually measured in milliseconds (ms). It lets you know how long it takes to send a packet of data to your computer to the server and back again. This is sometimes known as latency.


The word “PING” itself is an etymology going back to World War II when it was used as the term for sonar signals to submarines. However, many years later and the term is used to refer the network latency between a gamer’s computer (or console) and the game server.

Why does ping matter in gaming? 

When playing a game you’ll probably find in the score summary or somewhere on the screen a bar of numbers. When you get high ping which normally goes from 100ms and onwards you will notice a difference in your gaming and the ability to perform well. If you have high ping you may also notice the game no operating correctly or the term “lagging” which is when you can’t keep up with what’s happening in the game.


Average ping is normally between 50ms and 100ms, which will allow you to keep a good connection but the odd influx in connection could affect the game, similar to how high ping can affect the game.


If you have low ping you will generally have around 20 MS or below. This is exceptionally good for gaming as it means you have a stable connection with the server which means the input you give the game will be more accurate than someone who has higher ping.


Hopefully, by now you will have more of an understanding as to what is ping in gaming? In summary, it’s the speed in which we connect our computer and internet to the gaming server and back. If you have low ping your performance will be better than other players but if you have high ping your performance and general skills in-game will decrease. If you find that you have high ping there are multiple ways to increase or diagnose why it’s high. You can read here if you want to know more about How to resolve high Ping.

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