5G has not long arrived but 6G is already well into development

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Most of us are still getting our heads wrapped around 5G, but some major tech players are well into the development of 6G. Qualcomm, a huge force in wireless technology, is one of them, and CNET news chief Roger Cheng recently talked to executives and engineers there about the next generation of wireless. Apple, Google and LG are also members of a 6G working group


In broad strokes, 6G is envisioned as truly subsuming wireless connectivity into everything around us with network coverage and bandwidth availability so effortless we cease to worry about them. That’s a herculean task that 5G may only start accomplishing. “All the different sensors that we expect [to be connected] with 5G will be a lot more with 6G, and everything will be talking to each other in an effort to make your life easier,” says Cheng. 

  • Source: CNet
  • September 9, 2021
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