A Detailed review of the Razer Core X Chroma

Image Credit: Razer

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Laptop gaming has always had a trade off, portability for performance. It is easy to find a lightweight laptop that suits your business needs, and it is also easy to find a gaming monster that can tackle the latest and greatest, but it is hard to combine them without some notable sacrifices—at least without an eGPU solution like the $399 Razer Core X Chroma.

This device was built with the concept of giving any laptop with Thunderbolt 3 the opportunity to use a full-size GPU for gaming, work or whatever else your heart desires. If we were in a world where it was possible to find a graphics card without selling your firstborn, this would be great! But once that cools down, this means your Ultrabook can take advantage of the newest tech, without needing to fully upgrade or sacrifice the portability when travelling is in the cards.”


Source: Cgmagonline

June 28, 2021

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