A genius hack to untwist headphones!

May 24, 2021

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We’ve all had a pair of tangled headphones which either cause us to constantly get pulled in towards your computer or just generally gets in the way. It can be one of the most frustrating experiences when your £200 headphones get twisted and it causes you to ask, how do I untangle or untwist them?


Ultimately there are 3 solutions to this, and the last is probably not a very effective method but I suppose it would solve the issue… however, let us digress and give you two solutions that will help! Firstly it’s important to understand why your wire’s curl up. The biggest reason is everyday use, the more you use them the more strain is put on the incredibly thin wire which eventually causes them to twist. In more modern headphones we either see them as Bluetooth or with wires that are more hard-wearing.

Finger and Thumb

This is probably one of the most common solutions to resolve twisted headphone cables. To perform this step, start by pushing your finger and thumb along the wire in a straight line. This will push the cable to be straight but you may find this solution causes a problem with the rubber wire casing and it bundles up. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many solutions to resolve this issue other than to be careful and not to use too much force.

Finger Cable

The Gravity Approach 

This is a bit unique but actually my favourite solution to resolve Twisted headphone cables. To perform this step, you will need to weigh the end of the headphones (If you have bulky headphones with some weight then you probably won’t need weight on the end). Now stand at the top of your stairs or a large height and slowly lower the headphones down so they are dangling from the large height. You’ll notice that gravity will help you out on this one and the headphones will start twisting. Let it dangle for a bit with gravity (don’t let them touch the ground). To clarify you should have the headphones dangling and the audio input in your hand! Now let it rest for a couple of minutes and gravity will help straighten your cable.

upside down method

Weighted or Heat Option

Finally, our least favourite method is to either weigh the wire down with books or a heavy object which can eventually straighten the wire or you can heat the wire with a hair drier to try to straighten them. The downside to either of these methods is that you can cause damage to the wire by doing this.

Hopefully from this article, you will have been able to untangle your twisted headphones and you can now use them again. Generally, headphones that are twisted are usually on their way out and coming to the end of life, we, therefore, suggest preparing yourself to purchase a new headphone set, ready for when your current ones break. Hopefully, you found this article useful and if it came in handy don’t forget to share this article with others.

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