A one-tap guide to updating your Android Apps

June 3, 2021

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Updating your Android updates is a really important thing to do but not a lot of people understand why we update our apps or sometimes have to update the apps often. This also comes with the mindset of change which a lot of people don’t like. When we update our Android apps we get bug fixes and security updates that prevent our devices from coming under attack and our personal information from leaking to hackers on the internet. Another good addition to updating your Android updates is that you get new features and app designs which can make the app experience a lot greater. The real question is how do you update Apps on Android?

How to update Apps on Android

Previous versions of Android may differ however, all modern devices which have had a software update (or are running a modern operating system) will be able to use this method. To update your Android apps (or the ones installed at least) go to the play store.

Once you are on the play store click your Google account initial in the top right corner

How to update Android Apps

A menu will appear and you can click “My Apps & Games”. This will automatically take you to the “Updates” section where you can see all the Apps which are pending an update. You can either “Update All” or tap “update” which will do 1 at a time.

How to update Android Apps

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We suggest before updating your apps that you are connected to an internet connection rather than being on Mobile Data.

You are also able to turn on “Automatic Updates”. You can see whether it’s turned because it will say so under “updates Pending”.

How to update Android Apps

To turn on the Automatic updates or another alternative way to check, is to return to the main play store menu and tap your account initial again (you did this earlier when you went to click “my apps & Games”). Instead this time you will tap “settings”. In this menu, the 5th option down will be “auto-update apps”. Tap this and select “over Wi-Fi only. This will now turn on Auto Updates on your Android phone.

How to update Android Apps
How to update Android Apps

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