Amazon’s New Echo Dot has arrived: 2020 Edition

November 10, 2020

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Amazon has always been good at releasing new and outstanding products but it would be an understatement if we didn’t include the Amazon Echo Dot. The fast-thinking Alexa is one of the best personal assistance on the market.

Amazon first released the Amazon Echo in March 2014 and have since released multiple versions of the device. The most recent being the Amazon Echo Dot 2020.

When, Where and How much Can I get it for? 

The latest Amazon Echo Dot was released on Thursday the 22nd of October 2020. This was a joint release with the Amazon Echo and very much like the Echo, the device can be bought in 3 different colours, being: Charcoal (dark grey), Glacier White (white), and Twilight Blue (greyish-blue).

The Amazon Echo Dot price is £49.99 ($49.99) but if you want the clock edition (released 5th November 2020) it will cost you £59.99 ($59.99).

In addition to the grown-up device, you can also get ones just for your children. Amazon released a special Echo Dot for children called: Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition. The downside to this is that it costs more than the Echo Dot standard edition coming in at £59.99 ($59.99). This child-friendly device has a different style being a panda and tiger-style grill.

You can have course get the Amazon Echo Dot on Amazon Prime which will most likely come down in price on Black Friday.

What’s different? 


Other than the design, not a lot has changed. The Amazon Echo Dot has taken a different approach with a new palm-sized sphere shape. This device has been split into halves with a hard mesh on the top and a plastic ring on the bottom which is the new LED indicator. The lights indicate different modes with Alexa such as: when Alexa is listening, it turns blue when the microphone is muted it turns red and when the speaker has lost its internet connection it turns yellow.

Going for a controller type look, the Echo Dot has 4 controls buttons on top the mesh which controls the volume (up/down) microphone (on/off) and a button to call Alexa.

The device itself still uses a 3.5mm Aux Jack and a power cable connector which can be found at the back. This is a really handy feature if you have an Alexa compatible speaker to go with it.


Regarding the performance the speaker has a good sound quality and has clear vocals however, this hasn’t changed a lot since the previous model of Echo. In addition to this, the Echo still doesn’t have 360-degree sound, instead only focusses on directional sound.

You can still get the Alexa to high volumes but the new Echo doesn’t seem to hold the loud levels of volume for long, eventually dropping to a sustainable level.


Alexa has always been a good personal assistant with multiple features available. You can turn on lights, control the heating and even ask for the weather. With all these great features Amazon still hasn’t added anything new with the new Dot. Although they are slowly expanding Alexa’s capabilities, nothing new has changed with the new device.


    The Amazon Echo Dot is a must-have for someone that wants a casual, desk speaker. However, if you want to use the device for your home theatre or blast music at high definition, then the Amazon Echo Dot, should not be your priority. If you’re after a casual, smart AI device, then the Amazon Echo Dot should be your choice.

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