AMD Ryzen Vs. Intel – Which CPU Brand is Ideal for Gaming?

July 22, 2021

AMD Ryzen Vs. Intel - Which CPU Brand is Ideal for Gaming?


When we compare AMD Ryzen and Intel, we come to know about different aspects of both brands depending upon the overall performance. In the past, Intel was the first choice depending on more advanced technology, particularly in the high-end spectrum. On the other hand, AMD offered more reliable and affordable solutions that depend on raw power and ideal to compete with Intel. With the passing years, and advancements in technology, both brands have introduced many new features, so let’s have a look to pick up the best for a great gaming experience.

AMD Ryzen vs Intel:


  1. Compatibility:

The AMD Ryzen CPUs currently use the AM4 socket, and the latest Intel CPUs use LGA 1151 socket that was first introduced in 2015.



  1. Performance:

The Ryzen is a leader in terms of multitasking, but the Intel Core CPUs also provide slightly better single-core performance. However, there is no straightforward answer about performance because things vary from game to game and model to model.

  1. Clock speed:

AMD’s robust architecture had allowed its processor to achieve high clock speed in the days of its FX CPU. However, the clock speed is a poor way to estimate the processor performance, and similar is in the case of Intel.




  1. Overlocking:

The AMD Ryzen CPUs are unlocked and can be overlocked because the motherboard chipset supports overlocking. In contrast, the Intel CPUs are unlocked. Only the “k” marked models can be overlocked.


Ryzen is a more cost-effective and better solution that many gamers appreciate. Now, you cannot say Intel is not a viable choice because Intel’s CPUs have better single-core performance that keeps them relevant for high-end builds. In conclusion, a CPU from the Intel brand is expensive if you are building a gaming PC. So AMD is the definite choice for mainstream gaming.

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