Apple discontinued the Apple Homepod essential

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There’s an internet joke that stems from humanity’s unique ability to look at something distinctly not-human and decide that we’re going to be friends with it. The setup involves a person treating a household object, usually a Roomba or other small electronic assistant, like a pet or a friend. Regardless of the attachment, the punchline is the same: “Humans will pack bond with anything.” It’s really true. Pack bonding is the emotional urge to bond with and maintain relationships with things outside ourselves. It’s the reason our ancestors domesticated dogs and we anthropomorphize Fido’s imagined feelings. Pack bonding is the reason people form friend groups and love their children.

It’s an uncontrollable instinct, a part of being human, and it’s why I owe my Apple HomePod an emotional debt I can never repay.

  • Source: Mashable
  • December 6, 2021
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