Battlefield 2042 confirm Beta build isn’t going to be the same on release

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With the Battlefield 2042 beta almost upon us, it’s important to note that the beta build isn’t the same version we’re going to get when the game launches this November 19. DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 beta build is a “few months old.”

This was mentioned by DICE Lead Community Manager Adam Freeman, and was even quote tweeted by DICE UI Software Engineer Darko Supe as something that’s “important to know.”


In addition to that, DICE ha also posted a list of known issues with the Battlefield 2042 beta! While it’s no even out yet, you might want to check the list below to know what bugs and whatnot DICE is already aware of.

Here’s the confirmed list of issues from this months-old build of the shooter (via EA Answers).

Battlefield 2042 Beta Build Known Issues List:

Known Issues

  • Source: Mp1st
  • October 7, 2021
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