Battlefield 2042 send out a survey asking If Players Prefer Specialists vs. Class System From Old Games

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If you’ve played the recently concluded Battlefield 2042 beta, and wanted to have your opinion be heard, you might want to check your inbox, as EA has sent out a Battlefield 2042 beta survey to participants! Unfortunately, not everyone seems to have gotten it, and it’s just being sent at random.


While I don’t see the BF2042 beta survey in my inbox (why, EA?), a tipster has shared it with us. The survey includes questions like how frustrated was the player in the beta, were objectives relayed in a clear fashion, and so on. We’ve screengrabbed some, which includes EA asking participants whether they prefer the Specialists system over the franchise’s tried and true classes system, which has been featured in every Battlefield game so far. In addition to that, the survey even asks if players had a difficult time discerning enemies from friendlies, which means DICE and EA are aware of the issue.

Check out some of the sample questions in 

  • Source: Mp1st
  • October 13, 2021
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