Battlefield 2042 Survey Results are in, see what players want in game

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Just a few days ago, we reported that EA has sent out a survey to some of the Battlefield 2042 beta participants. While we don’t know what the results of that survey is, we have the next best thing: the Battlefield 2042 community survey results! Just want to emphasize that this is from a community survey, and in no way connected to EA or DICE. Got that? Good.

Some of the questions in the Battlefield 2042 communtiy survey are similar to the ones EA sent out to players. That said, the results here are not indicative of the entire Battlefield franchise, given there are less than 3,000 participants. Even so, it is still something to chew on for Battlefield fans. You can check it out in full right here via Google docs, or peruse the screenshots we’ve taken.

  • Source: Mp1st
  • October 18, 2021
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