Battlefield 2042 will have cross play – confirmed!

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With Battlefield 2042 featuring 128-player matches as one of its main selling points, some might be wondering if the game will employ crossplay and how it’ll work between console generations. Today, EA answered that, as it confirmed Battlefield 2042 crossplay is being worked on, as well as cross-progression, and “cross-commerce.”


As one might expect, crossplay in Battlefield 2042 will be limited within console generations. This means that PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC gamers can play together, while PS4 and Xbox One are locked into their own crossplay bubble given the two last-gen consoles cannot handle 128-player matches. EA mentioned that they are currently developing Battlefield 2042 crossplay and will test it in the closed alpha.

  • Source: mp1st
  • July 14, 2021
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