Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

June 24, 2021


It’s difficult to deny how much Wi-Fi use has increased since its availability. Wi-Fi is stable and robust enough for a smooth gaming experience, but it also introduces too many variables. Therefore, Ethernet cables are ideal to ensure the best and fastest possible connection by eliminating all signal problems.

The working of Ethernet Cables

The working of gaming Ethernet cables is the same as simple cables. The most usual thing to consider in Ethernet cable is the type of fiber used. When you spend a bit more money on your cable with better material, you will get the best internet performance with a smooth gaming experience.

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Selecting the right cable 

Picking the best Ethernet cable can be challenging as there are four to five popular cable types available with different length. Therefore, always make necessary measurements when you are about to choose the best Ethernet cable.



Vandesail Cat 7 Ethernet Cable – The Best Cable:

The cat 7 cables are one step beyond the latest technology, so these are more than office/home and gaming usage. The Vandesail cat 7 Ethernet cable offers a shielded pair that increases its durability. It has a flat design that permits users to manage their cables by enabling under-the-rug setups. The cable supports up to 10 Gbps of download and a transmission speed of 600 MHz. You can also select the cable length ranging from 3 to 82 feet. Therefore, Vandesail cat 7 Ethernet cable is the ideal choice for the best internet connectivity.


  • These cables have additional shielding that stops them from twisting
  • Offers better protection from noise, crosstalk, and performance
  • CAT 7 Ethernet cable ensures high speed for better signal transmission


Ethernet cables for gaming are a basic necessity for PC enthusiasts and hardcore gamers, so these cables come with different features. Gaming Ethernet cable comes to switch high internet speed that permits users uninterrupted and smooth internet browsing. So you need to choose the Vandesail cat 7 Ethernet cable to enjoy the best gaming time.

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