Best Video Editing App for Android Smartphone without Watermark

July 30, 2021

Best Video Editing App for Android Smartphone without Watermark


With the democratization of smartphones, many users edit videos on their devices. The Android smartphones have become powerful as people can easily render and edit their videos with great ease. Therefore, if you want to know about the best editing app without a watermark, choose the below-given editor.

VN Video Editor:

Best Video Editing App for Android Smartphone without Watermark

VN video editor is one of the best free video editing apps, and you can edit videos using its amazing features. Moreover, you don’t need to put a watermark because it’s a feature-packed video editor with an intuitive user interface. Users will get advanced editing tools such as BG for background enhancement, FX for video effects, filters, freeze, and more. Furthermore, you can create videos with several aspect ratios and dimensions in just a few clicks. Apart from that, the VN video editor offers a music library with different sound effects. All in one, VN video editor is the perfect choice if you have been looking for a free and powerful video editor.

Key Specifications


  • Supports multiple images and videos
  • Humanized voice recording interaction
  • Import your media
  • Automatic draft save
  • Full-screen preview




Special Effects:

  • Filter adjustment
  • Curve shifting
  • Keyframe animations
  • Picture in picture effects
  • Multiple animations presets
  • Movie sensitive filters




VN Story Mode:

  • Suitable effects
  • Text effects
  • Different font styles




Material Duration Exporting:

  • Support 60fps and 4k
  • Custom export setting
  • Export and save locally


When we specifically talk about video editors without watermarks, VN video editor is our first selection. Some apps will ask you to watch ads for watermark removal. So you can select the video editor of your choice depending upon the feature requirements. Moreover, the country or region also matters in downloading any app. We have mentioned the best video editor so far, and you can use it to create high-quality videos.


Get the app here. 


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