Blizzard Shares More Details About Diablo IV

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Find Out What is Coming in Diablo IV

Today, Blizzard shared some more information about Diablo IV in their final quarterly update for 2021. The studio shared they have made a lot of key steps, getting closer to the full release of the game. This update focused on updates to itemization and a new end-game character growth system.

Firstly, itemization updates. Diablo IV is bringing back +Skill Rank affixes to the game. This allows players to find items with +Skill Rank, speeding their skill progression. This will include granting players access to new abilities if they equip a +Skill Rank item for an ability they haven’t learned.

Secondly, Blizzard had previously announced a change to Legendary items, allowing players to transfer those Legendary abilities from one item to another in Diablo IV. A new character called the Occultist can extract the Legendary essence, destroying the original item, and then implanting that power into a Legendary item of your choosing.

  • Source: cog connected
  • December 22, 2021
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