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Blog Guide


Making a blog on MiBlog is a really easy process, which allows you to build up your own profile and advertise your own content for free on our website. In return others can see up to date news from all over the web, bringing only the most wanted and high quality of blogs together in one place. We do have a strict standard but with this guide you’ll be able to adhere to our rules with ease and have your articles reach the top of our page. 




1. Create an account

If you haven’t done so already, then you will need to make an account and log in to make an blog post.


You can register by clicking here.




2. Creating a post 

To create a post on Miblog, you need to be logged in. Once you are logged in, go to the “Create Post” button. 

3. Filling in the right information 

Now comes the most important part of creating a post on Miblog. Making sure you fill in the information correctly and per our terms and conditions which is vital to ensure your post makes it on the site. You should also note that the terms and conditions will be constantly updated with small tweaks of quality improvements which you will be able to check for changes on the Terms and Conditions Update Forum.



A.  To start creating a post you need to make a title. It is important to note that this should not be any more than 62 Characters in length. You should also have a title with a minimum of 2 Words. The title should represent the post but can be slightly different from the one you are sharing. You may want to do this to increase the availability of a blog as different words will link to the same blog. 

B.  After you’ve made a good title, you will need to select which category it comes in. You should have no more than 3 categories at a time and the categories should represent the article. For example an article about samsung vs apple could have the phone, apple and samsung category but should not have the macbook or gaming category. Your post will automatically have “Third Part News (3PN)” selected. 

C.  Next, you should upload an image which best suites the post. For example, an article about the newest iPhone, should have a photo of the iPhone not a picture of a banana. All images should be no more than 200KB in size. This is done to keep the website speedy. The image should also be clear, to a high standard and should not look messy. To learn more about selecting the right image and getting your image no more than 200KB in size, please follow our guide on keeping images small.

D.  Every blog on Miblog should have a featured image associated with it. This is to make it more appealing to the readers and to also demonstrate what you are talking about. After you’ve uploaded your featured image, you will have to say where the image has come from and provide credit to the owner. 


For this example we will use unsplash a royalty free website where you can gain lots of high quality images.


Once you’ve found the image you want and pressed “Download” you will get a box popup saying “Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash”.

This is the information you should be adding to “Image Credit Title”.

Lastly, click the URL and copy, and paste it to the “Image Credit” Link box, as per the picture above.

E.  The next part is the main summary of information which will be displayed on the blog. This should not be the whole article which is on the linked website, but the first or/and second paragraph of the article. When you post it in the box, it will populate like below. It will automatically be quoted for you to prevent copyright. 



F.  The last part of your article posting is linking of the article. You will need to add the source name (article name) which will be the website you got it from for example: BBC / Mashable / The Verge. You will then need to post the exact link of the article which you want to refer to. This will later populate into a button which sends people to the article you are linking. 


G.  Finally, all you need to do next is agree to the terms of conditions which you will be able to stay up to date with on the forum and click the “submit post” button.  

4. Article / Post Review 

This is the most vital step of the system which stops spam and articles which breach our terms and conditions from going live on the website. Every post you submit will go for review and once reviewed will be submitted for success of failure. Posts which are successful will go onto the live site and will be visible for all who visit but the posts which don’t will be bounced back for you to make changes to. You can see your post progress on the account “Dashboard”. This will show the status of your post and allow you to make changes. If you follow these careful steps you will be able to make a name for yourself on Miblog and have your posts constantly advertised on the platform for no cost. 


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