Dying light fans want a next gen update but told to wait for DL2

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With support still going on today for Dying Light, and a recent “Platinum” edition releasing this last May, many fans had wondered if Techland had any plans of releasing a Dying Light next-gen to support next-gen consoles. Well, for those hoping to see one drop before the release of Dying Light 2, it seems very unlikely as the team is entirely focused on the sequel and “other projects.”

Speaking to MP1st, Techland’s Lead Level Designer Piotr Pawlaczyk confirmed to us that they know fans want a next-gen update for Dying Light, though focus is being put elsewhere.

MP1st: Speaking of the first game, next-gen consoles are here so are there any plans at releasing a possible 60fps update or even a native next-gen port of the original?

Piotr: Right now we are focusing on the release of Dying Light 2 Stay Human and other projects. So nothing to say at this time but we hear our fans and we know they are waiting for this kind of information.

  • Source: Mp1st
  • August 10, 2021
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