Facebook say Instagram is actually good for teens

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Facebook has published another response to The Wall Street Journal, and this time, it’s refuting the Journal‘s claim that internal documents show it “knows Instagram is toxic for teen girls.”

“It is simply not accurate that this research demonstrates Instagram is ‘toxic’ for teen girls,” Facebook vice president and head of research Pratiti Raychoudhury said. “The research actually demonstrated that many teens we heard from feel that using Instagram helps them when they are struggling with the kinds of hard moments and issues teenagers have always faced.”


Raychoudhury went on to respond to a number of the Journal‘s claims. In most cases she offered more context about some of the research cited in the relevant report, but she also shared one slide that was referenced in the Journal’s report but not published, as seen below. The overall message was clear: Facebook takes issue with this characterization of its research.

  • Source: PC Mag
  • September 28, 2021
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