Fifa 22 game play is looking promising in this preview

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After spending a good few hours hands-on with an in-progress build of FIFA 22, I came away feeling largely positive about the direction the series is taking this year. Player movement is smooth and the passing zippy, and while I only had access to the offline kick-off mode (it’s hard to get a true measure of FIFA gameplay without playing against another actual person) it gave me a good chance to put the AI to the test.


“HyperMotion” is the new buzzword associated with this year’s FIFA and it’s important to note it will only be implemented on the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Stadia versions of FIFA 22 (I’ve only played this version so can’t comment on the old-gen editions compare in this preview). It’s often easy to dismiss this sort of jargon as a jazzy marketing term that has no real effect on the pitch, but the truth is it really does have a big impact on how the football feels when it’s at your feet.

  • Source: IGN
  • July 25, 2021
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