Gmail Updates: How to Activate Latest Privacy Features in Gmail

December 1, 2020

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The huge silicon-valley giant, Google has recently stated the release of the latest “Privacy Checkup” feature which will allow the users to review the key settings of their account and will also control what type of data Google can collect. Although, the giant tech company has been introducing several features on Gmail to help users at work. Many of the latest features also allow users to personalize their accounts. Furthermore, Google has also made the auto-delete option the default to make data control more automatic. 

Gmail’s Privacy Checkup Feature: 

The recently feature that has been announced namely as “Privacy Checkup” feature. It was developed by engineers of Google Safety Engineering Center. This feature also allows the user to switch on or off Gmail’s new smart features according to the user’s choice.

The smart features that are included in Google’s data collection are Google Meet, Chat, and Gmail. It further includes Gmail’s tabbed inbox, Smart Reply, and Smart Compose and Google Assistant’s sending of reminders of due bills, etc. Google has also turned off the option of restaurant reservations in Google Maps unless users allowed it manually. This latest privacy setting will allow users to analyze what files Google can access that will be used in the activation of smart features like high priority notifications, assistive writing capabilities along with blocking malware, phishing, and spam.

However, if the user does not want to use any of these features, they could still use Google services including Gmail. They just need to switch on or off each feature through their Gmail account settings.

Here’s how to activate Gmail Smart Settings: 

Google will also be adding a new feature to control the data being collected by Google from Gmail, Chat, and Meet. These settings will offer new smart features. Here is the list of steps which you can follow to activate the smart settings in Gmail.

  1. Firstly, you need to login into your Gmail account.
  2. Then, click on the Settings icon and now look for the data control. 
  3. A dialogue box will appear, asking whether to “Continue with smart features” or “Turn off smart features.” You can choose any of them and then click “Next”.
  4. On the next page, you have to choose between: “Personalize other Google products with my Gmail, Chat, and Meet data” or “Use limited versions of other Google products.” 

The first option would allow Google to assist users with several activities. While on the other hand, limited versions would disable the mentioned smart features.

   5. Lastly, Click on “Done” and you’re good to go. 


Regardless of any choice opted by the user, they can always go back to their Gmail account settings and change them in case their mind changes. Meanwhile, Google has also made some explanation that the ads which users can see are not based on user’s data provided in Gmail but these smart features use automated algorithms and not based on manual review.

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