Google Pixel 6 more rumours and release date

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The Google Pixel 6 could be on its way in October, and with it the possibility of the company’s own in-house chip. During Alphabet’s earnings call Tuesday, CEO Sundar Pichai noted that Google would show “deep technology investments” in its fall lineup. It’s speculated that this could be a reference to Google’s self-made chip, codenamed Whitechapel. Although Pichai didn’t mention the Google Pixel 6 by name, he did refer to the company’s fall line, which is rumored to include the upgraded Pixel. 

Google’s first Pixel phone made a splash when it was unveiled almost five years ago, but since then, the search giant’s foray into mobile devices has been inconsistent. Last year’s Pixel 5 received high marks for its cameras, but it lacked the premium features you’d expect from a flagship smartphone, especially for the price. CNET’s Lynn La called it “hard to recommend.” Compare that to the original Pixel phone (“pure Android at its absolute best” and “our favorite phone, bar none”) and Google’s phone trajectory looks rough.

  • Source: CNet
  • August 2, 2021
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