Have you heard? There’s going to be a Mario movie with these 4 in it

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You’ll be hearing an A-list cast of voices when the new Super Mario Bros animated film comes out.

Chris Pratt will be saying “it’s-a-me” playing the title character Mario, with Charlie Day as his sibling Luigi.

The Queen’s Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy will play Princess Peach, with supervillain Bowser voiced by Jack Black.

Seth Rogen will be Donkey Kong, in the film scheduled to be released in December 2022.

On Instagram, Chris Pratt reacted saying “dreams come true” that he gets to be the voice of Italian plumber Mario, recalling that he played the original game as a kid.

The producers said that each actor was cast for their ability to capture the unique spirit of each of their iconic characters.


  • Source: BBC
  • September 26, 2021
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