Here’s how a $500 PC can run CoD

August 7, 2021

Here’s how a $500 PC can run CoD

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Since the prices of computer components have inflated in the past year, you can only get a substandard one in a budget of $500. However, the question is: would you be able to run Call of Duty on an average gaming PC? Well, let us find out!


At $500, your prime focus should build your computer instead of a prefabricated one as your PC should have the specs you want to have regarding your game. Assuming you’re a genius, you could easily ensemble a PC that could run the old versions of CoD smoothly and the recent one in 1080p with minimum setbacks.

Run CoD Effortlessly on a $500 PC


It should not come as a surprise to you that CoD can only run in low performance on a $500 budget PC. Wondering why?


Since in a $500 budget, settle for less. As for are a lot of PC components are not up to the mark on a standard PC.


Aside from that, some old renditions of CoD can run on your PC as it does not require top-notch components. And their graphics are not excessively incredible. So you might ask: What is the requirement for Call of Duty to run on a PC?

Must-have features in a Pc for running CoD


Below is the list of some components to consider while building or buying a PC for your CoD.


1. Processor


Choose a high-performance processor like Core i5 or Core i7 for your PC. Both work incredibly while running Call of Duty.


2. Memory


Your RAM can be in a range of 8 GB to 16 GB, considering as a priority that DDR4 is a cut into DDR3.


3. GPU

A decent graphic card can allow you to partake in the game better. For call of duty, NVIDIA 960M is the one you should have an eye on!



4. Computer monitors


The last, however, a significant part is the picture quality of your screens. The minimum range is 1080p for running CoD.


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