Horizon Forbidden West – Introducing The Mighty Slitherfang

Image Credit:Gamer Informer

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The Slitherfang stands among the most impressive new machines of Horizon Forbidden West. Fans got their first glimpse of this intimidating hybrid of a cobra and rattlesnake in a new trailer from The Game Awards. This towering serpent packs a wallop, and we got to watch Aloy go head-to-head with it.

A new hands-off look at a jaw-dropping boss fight against this mechanical serpent gave us a good idea of everything it can do. First and foremost, the Slitherfang can fire pressurized acid streams generated by a tank at the base of its throat. Given the extended range of this attack, firing arrows at the acid tank to disable this attack and other orange-colored components should be done as early as possible.

  • Source: Gamer Informer
  • December 28, 2021
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