How do I transfer my contacts from my old phone to my new one?

May 28, 2021


You got a new phone, congratulations, the excitement and thrill of having a new phone are great, especially if you’ve gone and got one which has loads of new features. The worst part of getting a new phone though is transferring your data to your new phone, especially contacts. So how do you transfer contacts from your old phone to a new one? Don’t worry it’s fairly simple and there are multiple ways to do it, in this article we will cover transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android and iPhone to Android.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

There 2 really easy methods to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to another new iPhone. The easiest method is to activate iCloud backups and to take a backup of your phone. Once your phone is backed up, your new phone on start-up will prompt you to restore the backup from your iCloud account. To back up your iPhone through the phone do the following:


  • Go to the settings menu on your old iPhone


  • Now tap your name and go to the “iCloud” option, you may be prompted to enter your login details


  • Tap iCloud backup and underneath you will see “Back up now”. Tap this option and make sure you’re on Wi-Fi. Once your iPhone is backed up, follow the above steps to check if the backup is completed, it will say when last successful under “back up now”


As mentioned above, once backed up you can start your new iPhone and you will be prompted to enter your iCloud details and restore from a backup. This will have all your contact details.


If you haven’t got internet on your phone, you can perform a backup through iTunes, follow our previous guide on backing up to iTunes.

Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

There are a few methods to do this but one of the best options is through the backup system, just like iPhone! To do this on an Android phone just follow the below instructions:


  • Go to the settings menu and find “accounts & sync”.

  • Now under the account option make sure you have “Auto-Sync Data” clicked and tap “Google”, followed by the Gmail signed in on your phone. This will make sure that it’s auto-synced but to take a manual backup keep following the below steps.

  • Go back to the settings main menu.

  • Now tap “Backup & Reset”, tap “back up my data”

What this option does is save all your phones settings, including Wi-Fi passwords to your Google account, which is another reason the first steps were important as you could check the google account linked to your account.

Once you’ve taken the backup start your new phone and you will have an option to restore the backup from an old Android phone, this will take the backup from your Google account, so make sure you have your account details handy.

If you can’t use this method there are two other ways to get contact from an Android phone. The second method is to download a data transfer app on both phones which will connect the information over Wi-Fi and install it for you. These apps are pretty standard and can get the basic information like your contacts across.

The third method is through a cable but this is a bit more difficult and involves a micro USB to USB – C cable etc. If you can’t do a backup you should get an option on your new Android phone, just follow the on-screen instructions if that’s the case.

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android

This step isn’t too difficult with the more modern Android phones which have become a lot easier to transfer data from one device to another.

For this step, you should make sure either your Android phone or iPhone are backed up using the above-mentioned methods. You will then be given the prompt on the start-up of your new phone to get them back up from the other phone through the internet (please keep in mind this only applies to more modern phones).

If you have an Android phone, you can use the Google Drive backup method. To do this you just have to create a backup on Google Drive for example contacts and you can transfer it to your phone, check out the helpful guide on doing this.


Another method is to use the Android to iPhone transfer App. To do this you just need to download the app on both phones and select the data you want to transfer over the internet.


The final method is to have a cable that connects USB C to the iPhone charger, on more modern devices this should work best as all devices will soon use USB C but might be more difficult on the older devices. However, if you have got the cable, all you need to do is plug both phones into one another and on the setup of the new phone just follow the on-screen instructions.

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