How Much Data does Online Gaming Use?

July 26, 2021

How Much Data does Online Gaming Use?


Have you ever wondered how much data online games use? Naturally, playing games online uses internet data. However, it’s a misconception that online gaming will eat up all data on a monthly internet package. Most famous games use from 30MB to 300MB per hour while playing online. However, if you are streaming with Netflix, it probably uses more bandwidth in comparison to online gaming. So you can prioritize Wi-Fi routers for gaming to avoid high pings. To give you better insight into how much data online games consume, we’re going to mention the average values of some most popular games.

Average Data Usage for Online Games:

We are putting together some popular online gaming data in a list to give gamers a better idea about gaming data usage. However, these values can be affected by several factors such as voice calls, updates, and patches. Here is a list outlining the per-hour data usage for the most famous online games.


Title of Game


Average Data Use per Hour







Destiny 2




World of Warcraft








League of Legends




Team Fortress 2




Call of duty




Now you can see that even data-hungry games don’t use up much data while playing online. However, the two factors can increase the data usage; one is patches, and the other is voice chatting.


It’s a fact that overall data usage doesn’t change even if you are gaming on mobile hotspot data. However, you should be aware of patches and updates. The patches can eat up many GBs of data per hour. Moreover, a lot of updates happen automatically, and you don’t realize that it’s happening. On the other hand, most data is required to download the game itself.

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