How to Change DPI on Mouse?

June 11, 2021


The word DPI stands for dots per inch, and the mouse DPI measures the mouse sensitivity. You can adjust and manage the pointer speed by altering the mouse DPI in the mouse settings. So usually speaking, the greater the mouse DPI is, the faster will be the pointer speed. Additionally, the high DPI also helps to detect the small movements in your mouse to respond accurately. Therefore, it’s significant to clearly understand how to check mouse DPI to adjust it according to your needs.

The way to change mouse DPI

Here is a simple way that you can follow to change the mouse DPI.

  • Tap on the start menu (windows flag) and choose the setting icon.
  • Click on “devices” in the setting menu.
  • After that, click on the mouse on the device page.
  • You can tap on the additional mouse options.
  • Now click on the pointer option in the mouse properties.

You can use the slider to adjust DPI by selecting the pointer speed. Moreover, sliding towards the right will increase DPI, and sliding towards the left will lower the DPI. When you adjust the slider, tap on the apply button. When it turns grey, it means there are no additional changes to confirm. Now click on the “X” to close it.

How to change the sensitivity of the mouse? 

The DPI is used to measure the sensitivity of the mouse that can be shown as the number of DPIs a device can detect. So by changing the DPI, one can adjust the pointer speed for different tasks such as photo editing or in-game targeting. Therefore, you need to change the mouse sensitivity to get the best possible results. Some models consist of dedicated buttons, and you can use them to adjust the mouse sensitivity.


The mouse DPI changing is very significant for proper working, and you can change it by the mouse settings in your computer. If you have a mouse with DPI on-the-fly button, you can also change it by following the best techniques.

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