How To Connect Laptop To Monitor?

February 15, 2021

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As we know, the usage of laptop is increasing day by day. People usually prefer a laptop instead of a desktop PC because it is portable and easy to carry anywhere. However, the screen of the laptop is smaller than a desktop monitor. To overcome this problem, you can connect your laptop with a monitor. If you want to connect your laptop computer to monitor, here is the process to connect them.

There are many monitors available in the market which takes power from their USB port. All the monitors have at least one or more ports for input connections; all the laptops also have an output port.

Usually, their VGA port or HDMI port is used for this purpose. The laptop display will immediately show on the monitor screen when we connect the VGA or HDMI cable to the laptop and monitor screen. If you are using Apple MacBook, then there is a parallel port like HDMI, called Type-C port.



HDMI (High Standard Display Interface) is an audio and video transfer cable. The HDMI port is small (3/4 inch) six-sided port placed on rear or on either side of laptop computers. You have to connect HDMI cable to the laptop first then connect the other side to the monitor or LED monitor. If you want to connect it with your LED TV, you have to select the HDMI display setting on your LED TV.

VGA Port


VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a type of video connecter used for computer video output. It is a four-sided port consisting of 15 pins; this type of port is found mostly in old computers and some new computers.

Type-C Port

Type-C port or USB-C is a type of a connecting port in Apple MacBook. The function of Type-C ports is the same as HDMI port. Some MacBook laptops have HDMI port also.

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