How to find out what phone you have

May 25, 2021

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What kind of phone do I have? It’s a simple question but one which is sometimes really difficult to know. There are several different ways to find out what phone you have, in this article we will explain the best way’s to do this on both Android and IOS. The days of an iPhone 5 being written on the back are gone, but fortunately, you can still access the information on your phone by following the simple steps below.

What Android phone do I have? 

If you’re on any Android phone, then you can use these steps to find out all the details of your phone including the model!

  1. On your phone homepage, find the settings, alternatively, you can scroll from the top of your screen and tap the settings cog that way.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to where it says “system” and then tap “About Phone” (System may not appear instead you can go straight to about phone like the image below) 
  3. All your phone information including what phone you have will be in here (model number will tell you the phone type)

Pretty easy ay? With this useful information, you can see everything from your phone number to your phones unique identity number and so on.

About phone

What iPhone do I have? 

Unfortunately, this will vary slightly with the different iOS versions you have but it mostly remains the same.


  1. Go to the settings
  2. Now go to “General”
  3. Tap “About”
  4. From here you will see it says your iPhone Model number which will be the version of iPhone you have.

There is another method that works on some Android phones but not others, which is the model number method. On all iPhones you will have a model number for example A1586, if you type this into Google you will get the model number, which for this example is an iPhone 6.

iPhone about
iPhone about

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