How to find the perfect gaming name

May 26, 2021


Having the perfect Gaming name is a really difficult task, don’t want to sound stupid, don’t want to be too common and don’t want something Random. Especially with certain services like Xbox who don’t let you change your gaming name, a problem occurs. The real question is, what is a good gaming name?

Let’s draw back a moment as to what makes a good gaming name. We’ve already said above that a good gaming name should be unique. The last thing you want is someone else to have a similar name, for example, Joe will most likely be taken and used a dozen times over. On that topic is also the use of a gaming name. You need to consider who else will come up with your name and take it, preventing you to use it on other games. There are several things to consider when thinking of a good gaming name and generally the concept is just confusing and frustrating, especially after 10 or more attempts of entering a good name that is already taken. So we already know it’s got to be unique and something which means something to you, but what else? A good gaming name should also be something which you will ultimately remember and want to use in years to come, scrap the days of XXUserNamexx, yes it made it more accessible to use but does that look good… personally no…. no, it doesn’t. So how do we find the perfect gaming name? There are 2 ways you can do this, the first method is to think of something, for example, you like a certain animal for this purpose we’ll use a Hawk. Now think of something unique which means something to you, for example, a childhood nickname or maybe your own First and Surname mixed up. Ever heard of the anime Sword Art Online? The main character Kirito chose his name by mixing his two names Kazuto Kirigaya (Kiri-to). There are several ways to pick a name and there certain websites like this one that will let you check how common it is.

What If you can’t think of the perfect gaming name? If that’s the case then we’ve got you covered with a gaming name generator… yes there is such a thing! The cool thing about this method is that you can combine two words and it will generate you a name using those words, for example, “The Gaming Hawk”.



At the end of the day, a gaming name can always be changed, I for one have gone through at least 10 in my time of gaming, from when I first start to now, and to be honest I still can’t find the perfect name… especially when DarkLord29 has already taken my cool gaming name. Remember, find something which you’re happy with and you can always adjust it slightly to suit your needs the most. Hopefully if anything you will have got a few ideas to use as a Gaming name.

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