How to fix Youtube on your Computer

May 20, 2021

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You may find yourself asking why is YouTube not working on my computer? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as to turn it on and off again but worry not, because we have 5 Solutions to help fix YouTube not working on your computer.

1. Stable Internet Connection


This might be a pretty obvious solution but rather than having just a working internet connection you need to make sure it’s stable. If your internet isn’t stable at all then you will quickly find that YouTube won’t work on your computer. So, your internet might be working but how do you know as to whether or not it’s stable? The best way to do this is to head onto a speed test site and look at the speed results. This is vital because YouTube requires 500KBPS + to watch videos and if your speed isn’t that then you will struggle. Remember you can always click the setting clog changing it to 240P to see if it plays then, this will reduce the video quality but is a good test to see if it’s working. If you noticed the speed drop, we suggest calling your internet provider.

2. Browser Complications

If you’re still asking “why is YouTube not working on my computer?” after step 1 then you may find you have a Browser problem. Firstly, try a different browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Edge. You may need to download these if you don’t have them already. Once download tries to play the video in this browser if they play then you currently have a problem with your current browser and we suggest resetting or uninstalling it. If it still doesn’t work, check for extensions like AdBlock or plugins such as adobe flash. You may also have to update your browser but if that still doesn’t work move onto solution 3.

3. Hardware Issues

Okay, hear us out on this one…. But if you have a very old laptop or a laptop which is super old, combined with a slow connection you will struggle to play YouTube videos on your computer. It may also be that your CPU or RAM has hit capacity, this is because Videos require a lot of CPU usage so to reduce the load on your computer close down any other computer, it’s best to do this in task manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC), then select End Task (only do this on Applications, not unknown programmes! Finally, ensure all your software is up to date and hardware has had the recent driver updates as this will ensure it’s running at full capacity.

    4. Firewall / Anti-Virus Issue

    You may not know what a Firewall is but it’s normally there to protect you from threats, however, sometimes it overworks and blocks useful connections such as YouTube. You will want to go to your firewall and see if YouTube is on the Outbound connections. Second, to make sure it’s not in the blocked programmes under your antivirus.



    Still having problems, remember some things such as parental controls either through your internet provider or computer can restrict access to certain websites. Failing that, go back to the basics, and turn the computer on and off again. If this still doesn’t work, we suggest taking it to your local IT professionals.


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