How to Keep a Gaming Laptop Cool?

November 20, 2021

How to Keep a Gaming Laptop Cool?

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If you are a big-time live streamer or die-hard gamer, then your laptop will be bound to overheat and shut down. Overheating can reduce the lifespan of the device and its performance. Therefore, you should do every possible thing to keep your laptop cool. In this blog, we are going to discuss some tricks to keep your gaming device cool.

Best Tips and Tricks:

There are multiple ways to counteract overheating, both at the software and hardware level. Some tips are simple, while others need technical skills. However, everyone should be able to lower temperature of their gaming device.


Tip 1: Purchase Cooling Pad:

An inexpensive and effective way to keep a laptop cool is a cooling pad. Gaming laptops operate intensively, and pads provide an external fan to keep the laptop cool. Place your laptop on the pad and connect it to the device via USB. The majority of laptops suck in cold air from below. However, you should need to make sure how your laptop deals with airflow.

Tips 2: Select Suitable Surface:

You should not use the laptop on a bad surface, but always place it on a solid surface for use. Soft surfaces like pillows and blankets can block ventilation and impair cooling. On the other hand, hard surfaces raise laptops far enough that ventilation slots on the floor can draw in air. Therefore, the surface test is the best way to keep gaming laptops cool.

Tip 3: Check Laptop Fans:

If you are facing an overheating issue, you should check your laptop fans. Different fans are installed in a modern gaming system that provides effective cooling and airflow. If one of the fans does not work properly, it will disturb the overall cooling performance of the system. You can use different tools to check the working and speed of fans.

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