How to Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming?

January 17, 2021

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The cooling feature’s in a laptop is not ideal. In the case of gaming laptops, one might face something worse than that. Upon higher overclocks, some users will notice overheating in their device.
To avoid such heat issues and to keep your gaming laptop cool while gaming, we suggest some tips here. Keep reading!

Clean it out

You might ignore this thing, but having dust inside your gaming laptop can cause several other issues besides overheating. Due to constant air circulation inside the laptop, dust is inevitable to build there. The dust buildup may cause blockage of vents. It is therefore recommended to clean your laptop from time to time.
You can clean the laptop by using a can of compressed air. However, make sure that the laptop is powered off and disconnected from any power supply while cleaning.

Position the Laptop Correctly

The term “Laptop” essentially does not means that it should be used on your lap. The cooling feature of any laptop or PC is dependent on air passage. If your laptop is not placed correctly, the air vents might get blocked and cause an overheating problem. It is therefore recommended to place the laptop on a flat surface with enough supply of air around it.

External Cooling Methods

If you see that even after cleaning and proper placement, there is no significant change in the cooling, you can use an external cooling solution. These cooling pads are easy to use and are useful in cooling down laptop temp.
You need to place the laptop on the cooling pad, connect the pad with your laptop using a USB port, and the fans would do the necessary cooling for you.

Besides these solutions, you can also check if there is any hardware error in your laptop causing excessive heating. The laptop fan might be faulty, and replacing it would also make the situation better.

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