How to make your computer faster on Windows 10?

February 15, 2021

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If you’re currently using “Windows 10” on your PC or Laptop computer and the speed of your computer is very slow, then here are some useful tips for you to speed up your computer.

Turn of power saving mode


While using the Windows 10 power saver mode, the efficiency of your computer is largely affected. It is because the power saver mode decreases the performance to save energy. You have to change the “power saver” mode to “balanced” or “high performance” mode; this will give an instant boost to your computer.

To enable this mode, you have to go to the Control panel app and click on Hardware and Sound, then click on the power setting, and there you can choose the other option that is Balanced or High-performance mode.

Disable background apps


When you reboot or restart your computer, open windows task manager and look for background running apps. You can easily find a Windows task manager in the search bar. You will see many unnecessary apps running in the background; terminate them, and close the task manager. It will improve the speed of a computer, and it will work fast.

Disable One Drive Syncing


OneDrive syncing is an automatic program which works in background; it is Microsoft’s cloud based file storage. It keeps the files up to date and syncs all the files on the computer. You can turn it off entirely or customize it for 2 hours, 6 hours or your chosen time. To disable sync “right-click” on OneDrive icon; go to “Setting” then click on “Account” and then “Click” on “Unlink this PC”. It will help your computer to work faster.

Wipe your Hard Disk (Last resort) 

Delete unnecessary files from your hard disk storage. It would free up the storage space and speed up the computer in the right way. You can delete files from storage by “right-click” on the file and then “Click” on the delete button. Also, delete the file from the “Recycle Bin”.


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