How to Reduce CPU Usage while Gaming?

October 11, 2021

How to Reduce CPU Usage while Gaming?

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It is frustrating to face technical difficulties when playing games. CPU usage is the most common cause. In consequence, players often ask, “How do I reduce CPU usage while gaming?” Well, the answer to this query is not very complicated. Because most of the time, the back-end programs and mostly our in-game settings are the actual cause of hindrance.   

Follow these steps to boost your computer’s performance and avoid disruptions while gaming.

1.Limit background programs.

Disabling all background programs on the PC is the key to achieving high-performance computing. Such additional applications can obstruct A PC’s environment and thus disrupt gaming.

 Sometimes these applications are of no use, so uninstall them. If a service or a system program uses many CPUs, you need to get it fixed because it may be an urgent issue.

2.Disable power-saving modes 

If your computer is already getting bottlenecked, there is no purpose in enabling power-preserving modes. Such conditions will only hold back your CPU’s performance. When you are an aspiring gamer, power-saving modes will constrict your ability by continuously lagging and stuttering games.

Check the power-related aspects of the computer like battery life and disable the power-preserving option in “additional settings.” Hence, it will help you answer how to reduce CPU usage while gaming?

3.Change in-game settings


Often the problem of high CPU usage while gaming results from the game’s settings. Therefore, to overcome it, disable all CPU-related graphical features and enable GPU ones. It will help the CPU to relax and thus lower its usage.

In addition, running games on high or ultra-graphics settings prevents the CPU from the extra load of work.


After implementing the above solution, you will play on your computer without lag or hindrance. Now you can become a better gamer than ever before.

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