How To Tell If CPU Is Dead

October 25, 2021

How To Tell If CPU Is Dead


This blog post will cover what can happen when your CPU dies so that hopefully, none of us will ever have this problem in the future. It also includes an easy way to test. In this article, I will tell you the different ways you can determine if your computer’s CPU is dead or not.

How To Tell If CPU Is Dead

1) Power-On Self-Test And Hardware Check 

The first thing a computer does is to check if all the hardware is working. The most important part of this test is verifying that you have power going through every line on pins 1 & 2 of each CPU socket. Nothing will show up without any power flowing through these pins, so make sure there isn’t an issue with anything before moving on to the next steps.

You can also expect some beeping sounds or LED flashes depending on where things went wrong during booting. Beep codes are a crucial part of the computer hardware and will help you diagnose any issues quickly. The first beep means that there’s an issue with memory, which can often result from dirtied pins on your motherboard. A repeated horn sound indicates trouble within other parts like GPU & PSU-related components.

2) CPU Temperature

Another way you can tell if your CPU is dead is by checking its temperature with software like Core Temp. The Tj Max is the number you want to watch out for. If it exceeds this, then there might be an overheating problem on your hands. It can lead to reduced performance and even shut off specific components like fans or heat sinks.

3) Booting Process


It is important to note that a lousy processor will cause your computer not to boot up. The screen may remain blank, and you’ll hear hard drive or fans spinning, but the PC won’t respond with key presses.

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