“if you’re an As***le, I Don’t want you as a customer” – says game publisher

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— A Statement From Stefan Marcinek, Founder and CEO of Assemble Entertainment

“I Am only Concerned with Serving Customers Who have Their Hearts in the Right Place.”

Wiesbaden, Germany (23rd July) – Award-winning video games publisher Assemble Entertainment today published a statement from Founder and CEO Stefan Marcinek: 

Hello, my name is Stefan Marcinek.

I co-founded Kalypso Media, left there a few years ago and founded Assemble Entertainment in 2016. We are an independent publisher and developer of computer and video games and organizer of the GDD GermanDevDays, a German-speaking developer conference.

I was born on April 01, 1977 – an April Fool’s joke that provided me with an uuuunbelievably amusing childhood – and I’ve been in the games industry since the late 1990s.

  • Source: This Gen Gaming
  • July 23, 2021
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