iPhone 13 – everything you need to know!

December 23, 2020

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Apple is very guarded when it comes to announcements but going by its current smartphone launches, the iPhone 13 is expected to release in September 2021. It’s assumed to provide next-gen features comprising Apple’s first quad camera and a speedy new chipset.


Devices this early in progress leak from inside Apple only very seldom, but with working from home making some difficulty in covering leaks, more data is out about the future device than normal.

Release Date

For ten years, Apple announced its next iPhone in September. Then 2020 occurred, making Apple push back the release of the iPhone 12 to October.

Without further trouble, Apple is said to launch the iPhone 13 in September 2021, as per the normal routine.


The iPhone 12 resumed flatting sides with a new design, which means the iPhone 13 will possibly not change exterior design much year-over-year. The lengthier a design can be re-claimed, the broader the margins Apple can make on their current models.

The 2021 iPhone is anticipated to have a reduced notch in some parts. Either it could take up less vertical space or have a smaller breadth overall.


It is stated that Apple wants its Pro models to have 120Hz refresh rates, but they must be variable to avoid accidental battery drain. This would be achieved by using LTPO backplanes, which is what the Apple Watch uses to stay always-on by reducing the screen to as little as 1Hz.


The iPad Pro has a 120Hz refresh rate but does not use LTPO, so it is difficult to ponder the legitimacy of the rumour. Jon Prosser said that the iPhone 12 could have established the technology, but Apple decided to scratch it at the last moment due to battery life worries.


A report says that LG has been selected to create the desired LTPO displays for the iPhone 13 which would go into manufacturing mid-2021.


    As 5G becomes more abundant Apple will want people who travel to have access to the same speeds they find at home, so a global development of 5G is expected. 5G in perfect circumstances can provide up to 3.5Gbps transfer speeds.

    Apple is allegedly working on its modems, which means future iPhones may drop Qualcomm as a modem supplier. This stems from Apple’s achievement of Intel’s 5G modem policy and will lead to Apple conveying yet another part of its device in-home.



    Apple has been alleged almost every year since the iPhone X to be reviving Touch ID in the iPhone by some kind of under-screen or power control application.

    Apple fixed Touch ID into the iPad Air 4 top button, and some assume they could do the same in a future iPhone. Having both Face ID and Touch ID could open better safety use cases, or allow users wearing a mask to unlock their iPhone easily and securely.

    The iPhone 13 could see the main change in use cases with various new technologies pushing the device forward. 2021 is a thought away yet, so assume a lot more disclosures to detail these devices until their release.

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