Is a 34-Inch Monitor Good for Gaming?

August 5, 2021

Is a 34-Inch Monitor Good for Gaming?

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When you like games, the monitor size plays a significant role in improving the gaming experience. The ideal size of the monitor depends upon the resolution and your distance from the screen. You might be wondering about the perfect monitor size for gaming. Let’s have a look at different aspects to know if a 34 inches monitor is good for gaming.

Ideal Monitor Size:



When it comes to screen and image details, the 24-inch monitor is a decent choice for 1080p resolution because it has pixel density of 91 PPI. You may be tempted to buy a 27-inch monitor, but it’s too big for 1920 × 1080 with roughly 81 PPI. This range of PPI will make the picture pixelated, so the text will be blurry and smudgy.



The 27-inch is the best monitor size for 1440p resolution because it provides clear picture details with 108 PPI. However, you can also use a 32-inch 1440p monitor for gaming with good results, but the monitor size is too big to handle.


The 1080p on a 27-inch monitor offers the same pixel density as a 34-inch monitor, so we don’t recommend a 34-inch size unless you sit away from the screen and use the monitor solely for gaming. Overall, we recommend the following monitor size for the best gaming experience:



1080p: 23 to 25 inch

1440p: 27 inch

4k: 28 to 32 inch

2560 × 1080: 25 inch

2440 × 1440: 34 inch

3840 × 1600: 38 inch

3840 × 1080: 43 inch


Therefore, when you are about to purchase a new gaming monitor, always make sure to have the best screen display.

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