Microsoft stopped a malware attack by doing door-to-door visit

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Microsoft says it’s gone door-to-door replacing routers compromised with the Trickbot malware in Brazil and Latin America, hoping to squash an international hacking group. The Daily Beast reported the detail in an article about the group, which is an ongoing target for US Cyber Command as well as information security companies like Microsoft.

The Daily Beast reports that the hacking ring — also known as Trickbot and based in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Suriname — is a persistent presence online. The group uses compromised computers as a massive botnet and runs ransomware attacks and other illegal operations. Trickbot is known to hijack routers and internet of things devices that are often easy to infect without owners realizing it. Eradicating malware from routers can be particularly difficult for users, making in-person replacement a surprisingly effective tactic.

  • Source: The Verge
  • July 12, 2021
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