Minecraft’s next big release is due for 2022 and called The Wild update

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We’ve not even gotten the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update yet, but Mojang has seemingly set the Minecraft train to full steam ahead. The block building sandbox’s next big update, called ‘The Wild’,  will be out sometime in 2022. 


With this new update, Mojang says that it wants to celebrate the wilderness of Minecraft’s Overworld by making some of its biomes have a clearer identity. An example given was the Birch Forest biome, which currently doesn’t have that much going for it. The Wilds update would rejuvenate the biome, making the trees taller and more spread out with plenty of space for wildflowers and shrubs. Suddenly, one of Minecraft’s most boring biomes now has a personality. 

  • Source: PC Gamer
  • October 17, 2021
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