Most breath-taking apple iPhone photos to ever be taken

Image Credit:Photo by Charlotte Butcher on Unsplash

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(Pocket-lint) – Apple’s iPhone has long been known for offering a great camera. These flagship smartphones are capable of some incredible photography, so much so that many modern photographers often ditch their DSLR cameras in favour of the ultra-portable iPhone. 

The results are often spectacular too. To honour the efforts, the iPhone Photography Awards were born in 2007 and have been choosing award-winning photos every year since. Apple also encouraged iPhone photographers to share their best works for the Shot on iPhone Challenge.

As you can imagine, the images submitted to both these competitions are nothing short of fantastic. We’ve combed through them to bring you a collection of our favourite photos taken over the last few years. Incredible images you won’t believe were shot on a smartphone.

  • Source: pocket-lint
  • July 25, 2021
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