New World – Survival Tips Quest (Inkwell Cave)

July 25, 2021

New World - Survival Tips Quest (Inkwell Cave)

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If you are playing the New World Beta you may have taken on one of the main quests called “Survival Tips”. The quest is required to help with the other main story quest “Rumors about a hermit” where you need to complete quests to help the settlement before investigating any rumours.

During the Survival Tip quest, you will be asked to make a camp and set a respawn point. For this, you need flint and wood which you can get naturally from the trees and rocks around you. Afterwards, you just press the default key of “Y” and you can place the fire on the floor. You will need to build it afterwards by clicking “E” and the resources will assemble the fire for you. Afterwards, you will get a quest called “Travel to Inkwell Cave”. You may find your way there but all of a sudden nothing happens. We ended up walking around for a good 20-30 minutes until realising the quest was bugged. Unfortunately, this is a common bug in the game and will hopefully be resolved after Beta has finished. If it hasn’t then don’t worry as we have 2 fixes.

New World - Survival Tips Quest (Inkwell Cave)

Travel to inkwell cave is bugged

If you find that your quest is bugged because it’s unticking it’s most likely the route you took to get there. There are two routes you can use to get to the inkwell cave but only one of them will work.

If you look at the diagram below we have labelled the correct route you should be taking. If you went up the way through the rocks then it won’t register with the quest as you having visited inkwell cave. If you walk back up through there then you should be able to continue however, you may have to go back to your campfire and disassemble it before continuing. We reassembled our campfire here:

New World - Survival Tips Quest (Inkwell Cave)
New World - Survival Tips Quest (Inkwell Cave)

If you still find after taking the above router that your game is bugged you will have to go into the quest menu and abandon the quest to start again.

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