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I find it extremely difficult to find a headset that properly suits my needs. I’m petite, so most headsets barely fit in their smallest settings, and after prolonged use I end up with a sore neck or headache because it’s so heavy on my head. The HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming headset is the first one I’ve found that eases my gaming pains!

I won’t lie, the reason I ended up with the Cloud Stinger is because we were checking out its new pink colourway. I’m very quick to jump on everything colourful—I always prefer it to the everyday black and grey office gear! But to my surprise, the headset was not only fun and bright, but as comfortable as can be. It weighs in at 275 grams, meaning I don’t feel the top of the headset pulling down on my head while I game. With most headsets, I would find myself with a headache every time I wore one, but I am a few weeks in with the Cloud Stinger with no issues.

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  • July 26, 2021
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