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E3 press junkets tend to be a publisher’s nightmare with regards to leaks – Microsoft being one of the prime candidates.  So I was elated when one of their conference’s biggest surprises was Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean universe crossing over to Rare’s popular pirate game.  The Games-as-a-Service (GaaS) model didn’t help Sea of Thieves when it just started, but there’s no denying the tremendous sea legs three years later.  With this free full-blown expansion, A Pirate’s Life, new energy is coursing through its sinews in a way few other titles can match.

A new guest has settled at every outpost.  Known only as “The Castaway,” this mysterious sojourner with a familiar Caribbean accent has made a tent separate from every other trading company.  Her origins are unknown, but you might be able to place that voice.  Along with her come five Tall Tales, mini-campaigns mixed in with Sea of Thieves’ always-online PVP world.  She beckons you to find the famous Captain Jack Sparrow in the hopes of preventing Davy Jones, Captain of The Flying Dutchman, from conquering these oceans.

  • Source: techraptor
  • August 11, 2021
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