See how Apples iOS 15 protects your device data when you die

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Death can be an uncomfortable topic, but in the digital age, it’s important to know your late loved one’s data and information isn’t floating out in the wilds of the internet. At WWDC this year, Apple added some improvements to the iCloud under iOS 15 — account recovery and digital legacy. 

Digital Legacy allows you to select a contact and give them access to your iOS data in the event of your death. iOS 15 won’t be generally available until the fall, but you can download and try out the public beta in the meantime. 

Apple didn’t go into too much detail about the service at WWDC, but a demo during the show as well as the latest beta version shed a bit more light on what a legacy contact can and cannot access.

  • Source: CNet
  • July 31, 2021
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