Silent Hill leak seems all-but-confirmed by Konami DMCA strike

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Four images from an apparent reboot of Konami’s beloved Silent Hill series have been leaked onto the internet—and were almost immediately nuked by a copyright strike, more-or-less confirming their authenticity. In addition, a former Silent Hill developer bemoaned the lack of professionalism at studios that have “multiple people” providing materials to a known leaker.

The latter point is not direct confirmation of course, but Konami’s lawyers have certainly played a blinder. So… way to throw people off the scent. The four images, which can be seen here, show an extremely messy living room, stuffed with paraphernalia, rubbish and (of course) a cot. The wallpaper’s peeling, the windows are wonky, and in short it looks very much like a Silent Hill location. Another shot shows a close-up of what looks like an equally dilapidated kitchen.

  • Source: PCGamer
  • May 14, 2022
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