Snapchat profiles will soon feature a full 3D bitmoji

Image Credit:Photo by Bastian Riccardi on Unsplash

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Snapchat profiles are getting a full-body makeover.

Bitmojis have been a central feature of Snapchat profiles since 2017, when they became the default image within Snapcodes, the QR codes displayed on profiles that link to your personal profile.

Now, they’re becoming more prominent than ever. Beginning Monday, Snapchat users will be able to feature 3D, full-body versions of their Bitmoji avatars on their profiles. Previously, Bitmojis on profiles were just heads and shoulders inside those Snapcodes. With the new design, users can choose different poses, like peace signs or 3/4 turns, and backgrounds like colorful wall paper or city scenes. The newest accessory for the Bitmoji fit? Earrings.

  • Source: Mashable
  • July 20, 2021
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